Services that I provide

I offer the following services:

Standard driving courses

I offer the normal 1 hour driving lesson, but also offer 1½ and 2 hour lessons. You will be following a structured course, beginning with the cockpit drill and progressing through to dual carriageways. I use the John Farlam visual teaching system, which helps to reinforce your learning with diagrams and homework. You will also have a ‘Driver’s Record’, which will give details of the lesson you have just had, tips on how to improve, and information about what will happen on the next lesson.

Refresher courses

Lesson times as for the standard courses, and the John Farlam visual teaching system, with the ‘Driver’s Record’. This would be for however many lessons it would take to get you ‘back on the road’ and feeling confident and safe. It would cover all aspects of driving, including motorways. Plus those manoeuvres – remember reversing around a corner?

Theory tuition

This element of the test does not come as standard, but I am more than happy to incorporate it if you feel you need it.

Blue-light awareness

One of the most worrying things when you are driving is to hear the sirens or see the blue flashing lights of the emergency services. Blue Light Aware is a very informative video clip on YouTube® produced by GEM motoring assist on behalf of the emergency services.

After watching the clip you will realise that you do not have to panic!