Hazard perception test changes

New computer-generated clips

The hazard perception part of the driving theory test was updated today (12th January 2015) with computer-generated imagery (CGI).

The DVSA announced in December 2014 that the hazard perception clips in the theory test would be replaced with new CGI clips.

Until today, filmed video clips were used to test candidates’ reactions to developing hazards on the roads. The scenarios in those clips are still relevant, but the image quality is much clearer and well-defined with modern digital technology.

No change to how the test works

The first new clips show the same situations as the filmed clips, but are clearer on the screen and include updated vehicles, roads and surroundings to reflect modern-day driving. The way the hazard perception part of the theory test works hasn’t changed. The pass mark will stay the same. The clips:

Monday, 12 Jan, 2015