Reasons for Failure

Structured lessons

If you do not receive quality structured lessons you could be taking your test time and time again.

If you have quality structured lessons, and the right amount, then your test could be a breeze!

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency recommend 45 hours of professional training combined with 20–22 hours of private practice. There is more information about the practical test on the Government Direct Web site.

However, it is true to say that not all students will need this amount, due to their ability, confidence, co-ordination, and driving experience.

Pass rates

The national average pass rate is approximately 42%, and for first-time candidates it is even lower.

Because of my experience in teaching people to drive, I have a very high first-time pass rate. I like to be 90% sure that you will pass, and the odd 10% is the luck of the day. That is, how you deal with the unusual events that have not happened to you before – for example a vehicle broken down on a roundabout, traffic lights not working, etc. You will have to draw all your resources together to deal with the situation because the examiner will NOT help you! However, because you will have been taught to ‘Drive for Life’ you should be able to overcome these problems.

Why people fail

Below are 10 of the most frequently occurring failure points:

  1. Observation at junctions – ineffective observation and judgement.
  2. Reverse parking – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy.
  3. Use of mirrors – not checking or not acting on the information.
  4. Moving away – ineffective observation or control.
  5. Use of signals – not given, cancelled or misleading signals.
  6. Incorrect positioning – at roundabouts, lanes, bends, junctions and one way streets.
  7. Reversing around a corner – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy.
  8. Lack of steering control – steering too early or too late.
  9. Turn round in the road – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy.
  10. Inappropriate speed – travelling too slowly, or being hesitant.