Comments from successful pupils

When students pass their test with me, I ask them if they would kindly write a review. I am very grateful to those who have taken the time to do this for me. Most of the following reviews were originally posted on FreeIndex where I am rated second out of 193 UK female driving instructors (as at 22nd August 2018), though the first of the two reviews by Bradley Jaggard, dated 30th July 2015, was posted on Facebook:

“Brenda is a wonderful driving instructor! I was not a natural driver so she was very patient and kind – even when I made lots of mistakes! She made sure I had extensively practised all of the manoeuvres and routes before my test and made every lesson fun!”

Holly McClenaghan, Mildenhall (4th May 2018)

“Was a really good instructor and very patient with me putting up with all my mistakes LOL, and very calm which helped with my anxiety. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone thinking of learning to drive.”

Toby Lloyd, Bury St. Edmunds (1st March 2018)

“Brenda is a brilliant driving instructor and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn. I personally took a while to get the hang of driving and being comfortable behind the wheel but Brenda was the most patient and understanding teacher I could have asked for. Thanks to her I now feel confident and it was all worth it in the end, thank you Brenda!”

Baillie Jones, Bury St. Edmunds (19th November 2017)

“Brenda was a brilliant driving instructor. She taught both me and my sister to drive. She was clear and precise when teaching, encouraging and taught me to be a safe and confident driver. She worked to fit in lessons that were convenient to you and would give you as many or as little lessons a week depending on what you needed. I would highly recommend Brenda to new drivers as I had a brilliant learning experience.”

Sophia Colasante, Bury St. Edmunds (22nd October 2017)

“Brenda helped me to pass my driving test first time. She is a very patient and thorough instructor who immediately put me at ease even though I was very nervous to begin with. Highly recommend to anybody!”

Lauren Gardner, Bury St. Edmunds (12th October 2017)

“Brenda was a brilliant driving instructor. I was quite nervous to start driving but she made me feel calm from my first lesson. She was very patient and supportive. I’m happy I chose Brenda as my instructor and would recommend her to anyone that is looking to start learning.”

Hannah Jenkins, Bury St. Edmunds (9th October 2017)

“I got in contact with Brenda after throughly searching the local area for instructors. I’m glad I found Brenda as she worked around hours that suited me and my young child. Her folder of ‘homework / tips’ is of great help and knowledge. Brenda’s techniques helped me pass for which I am grateful to now have my independence. Brenda is very patient and makes you feel relaxed. Many times we laughed about my driving until I got it right! Definitely recommend to any learner of any age.”

Sammy Bedford, Bury St. Edmunds (6th September 2017)

“Brenda is an amazing instructor. She helped me build my confidence whilst I was learning to drive, she never let me give up, and she was very patient with me even though I could be hard to teach. Passing my test has given me so much confidence and I can be more independent. I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone. I really enjoyed learning with Brenda. Thank you Brenda.”

Sophie Jones, Bury St. Edmunds (9th June 2017)

“I knew I would be a nervous driver and would take time to build my confidence, and Brenda really helped me to do that. She was very patient, reassuring and didn’t let me give up! A brilliant and dependable driving instructor who I recommend to anyone. I enjoyed my time learning to drive and I’m very happy with the outcome. Thank you!”

Kayley-May Williams, Bury St. Edmunds (4th June 2017)

“Brenda Carey is a five-star driving instructor. She has helped me immensely to overcome my anxieties with driving. I have no idea how she put up with me and my tears Lol but she did. She is patient, calm and motivating she was always reminding me to look at my driving in a positive light. Being able to drive has opened so many doors for my future and without Brenda and her guidance I’m not sure I would have passed my test today; she went above and beyond to help me with my driving. She also adapts to your learning style so she would be a perfect driving instructor for ANYONE! THANK YOU SO MUCH BRENDA X.”

Jodie O’Shea, Bury St. Edmunds (1st June 2017)

“If you are a nervous driver and / or have not had any experience of driving before then Brenda can teach you everything that you need to know and will put you at your ease. The learning will be tailored to your needs and at a pace that suits you. Brenda has been so supportive throughout my learning experience and ensured I am confident in every aspect of driving. What I found most beneficial was being able to practice all the possible test routes and being prepared for every eventuality. Thank you for all your patience and guidance!”

Zara Abbott, Bury St. Edmunds (11th May 2017)

“Brenda is an amazing instructor. Knows exactly what you need to do to pass. She is very patient and will build up your confidence and will make sure you’re ready for your test. Definitely recommend Brenda to any new drivers looking to learn. Thank you Brenda.”

Luke Edgeworth, Bury St. Edmunds (27th April 2017)

“Brenda Carey is such a wonderful and patient driving instructor. She’s such a lovely and wonderful woman and she clearly loves what she does. She explains things throughly and is very patient with you throughout your learning time. Great value for money and would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn to drive to learn with the wonderful Brenda!! Thank you so much Brenda :).”

Libby Appleyard, Bury St. Edmunds (25th March 2017)

“Brenda has been an excellent driving instructor and she’s helped me learn a lot about driving. She is very patient and understanding and made me feel safe and comfortable driving with her. Would highly recommend her. Thank you Brenda.”

Chloë Tappenden, Bury St. Edmunds (20th March 2017)

“Brenda has been such a brilliant driving instructor, she’s so patient and amazing at explaining everything clearly. I was a really nervous driver when I first started learning but I’ve built my confidence up a lot now thanks to her calm guidance and I’m so appreciative! Brenda’s lessons are always very thorough and I got to know the test routes really well in preparation for my test which was so helpful. Thank you!”

Megan Curley, Bury St. Edmunds (3rd March 2017)

“Brenda was a fantastic instructor who gave me lots of encouragement and support. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning to drive.”

Jack Palmer, Bury St. Edmunds (28th January 2017)

“Brenda has helped me to overcome the biggest hurdle of my life! I needed loads of time to understand many aspects of driving. Brenda was willing to spend however long it would take for me to be able to conquer any part of driving that I found difficult! I was able to ask as many questions as I liked and Brenda would patiently take her time to listen and answer whatever I asked no matter how much I may have been over complicating something! Brenda allowed loads of time to discuss anything I was unsure about using diagrams and step by step methods to help me understand how to do all the manoeuvres.”

Leonie Palmer, Lakenheath (2nd October 2016)

“I learnt to drive over the last 4 months with Brenda. She was an excellent instructor! Always thorough, patient and reassuring, which is perfect when you’re trying to conquer the skill of driving! If I was struggling with something Brenda would always be sure to go over it as many times as necessary until I felt confident and never rushed me if some things took a little longer to grasp. Leading up to my test day we did every possible test route, which meant on the big day I felt relaxed as I knew everywhere like the back of my hand. I think that this is a great idea. It really helps students to feel confident with the roads they’re driving on and feel the best prepared you possibly can be. I passed my test 1st time with just 2 minors which is really all just down to Brenda’s skilled teaching and her constant reassurance that I could do it! Thank you!”

Grace Colasante, Barton Mills (14th September 2016)

“Brenda was a brilliant instructor, very patient and understanding. Always knew what I needed to work on and how to go about it.”

Rebecca Leathers, Mildenhall (25th August 2016)

“Brenda was very patient with me and always knew when I was ready to learn something new during my lessons. She was very thorough and clear when explaining different things to me. The lessons that she gave me lasted for a sensible amount of time, I was able to get plenty of things done during each one and they were completely worth the money. I would highly recommend her as a driving instructor.”

Laura Bartram, Gazeley (23rd August 2016)

“Brenda is great at teaching people how to drive – I was not happy with driving and have never liked the idea but she taught me and I passed first time. Would highly recommend to anyone in the area thinking of learning!”

Dale Eaglen, Mildenhall (12th July 2016)

“Brenda has been an absolutely amazing driving instructor. She was always very dependable, thorough, encouraging and she was always very honest with correcting my mistakes but was positive and reassuring when doing so. I felt very comfortable with the way that I was being taught and found it easy to talk to her and ask her any questions I may have had. I would thoroughly recommend her as a driving instructor as she led me to pass my test first time and I now feel I am a very confident and independent driver. Thank you so much Brenda!”

Charley Felton, Bury St. Edmunds (22nd May 2016)

“Brenda is an outstanding driving instructor, who possesses a wealth of patience and skill to help learner drivers reach an acceptable, safe standard of driving. She is very kind in her approach and will put you at ease right away. As an experienced driver, I needed help with getting back up to speed, after having passed my test abroad some years ago. She worked with me every step of the way, and helped me pass first time! I would highly recommend Brenda. She will work with you and do all she can to help you achieve your goals.”

Sophie Smith, Bury St. Edmunds (29th April 2016)

“Thank you Brenda for helping me pass my test and for being so accommodating. I got there in the end!”

Nathan Almond, Bury St. Edmunds (15th April 2016)

“After having lessons with a different driving school years ago and not liking it due to being too nervous and not clicking with the instructor, I felt like I couldn’t do it and gave up. Years went by and after having two children I decided I needed to learn to drive in order to broaden their horizons as well as my own. I saw Brenda’s car go by me a few times as I walked along the street with my children, but not having the guts to ring her I decided to look her up on the net and saw that she is good with nervous drivers. So I plucked up the courage and I gave her a call! And all I can say is that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Brenda is a fantastic teacher who always made me feel that I was in a comfortable and relaxed environment, and this of course makes it so much easier for a person to learn. To my disbelief I actually started to enjoy my lessons and looked forward to them, and I also liked that (in the beginning) Brenda set homework every week. This is something my previous instructor didn’t do. By doing this it got me into the habit of studying, which is something that needs to be done not only to pass the theory, but also the practical test. I still can’t believe I passed my test first time because I didn’t think I was ready, but obviously Brenda could see something I couldn’t! So thank you Brenda, you’re the best and I cannot recommend you highly enough! And to all of you who are reading this and haven’t learnt to drive yet...get with Brenda, as she is the master of her game. You won’t regret it.”

Hayley Robinson, Bury St. Edmunds (23rd February 2016)

“Brenda has been an amazing instructor! I wasn’t confident at all when I first started driving, but slowly she built up my confidence. Brenda’s calm and friendly way of teaching is just what I needed in an instructor. Thanks for all your help!!”

Jessica Reeve, Bury St. Edmunds (2nd February 2016)

“From the very first lesson Brenda approached her teaching in a calm and concise manner, making learning comfortable. Her friendly personality reduces the nerves, making learning to drive enjoyable. She quickly gets to understand your driving style, taking note on your strengths and weaknesses meaning she knows exactly what it takes to get you passed. Her way of teaching puts you at ease and anything that seems confusing is quickly made clear. An engaging instructor, with the ability to make you a great driver, but more importantly a SAFE driver!”

Jake Royal, Bury St. Edmunds (19th January 2016)

“Brenda’s expertise and experience clearly shows through her quality of teaching, which is at a very high standard. I never came out of a lesson without being aware of techniques and areas which I should improve upon to help me become a safer driver. Brenda made me feel comfortable throughout my lessons and informed me of mistakes I made in a calm manner, even during stressful situations. Brenda’s experience means that she has an abundance of useful tips and techniques, which helped me understand the methods behind difficult manoeuvres. Thanks Brenda.”

Max Granger, Brandon (12th January 2016)

“What I have to say is thanks God let me found Brenda. I’m a Chinese girl who without confidence, patience, but been always panic, naughty. It’s really difficult for me to learn driving with language barrier. I’ve attempted to give up for so many times. I thought I never gonna reach the standard. However, Brenda didn’t allow me to stop the lessons. Lol!!???? Luckily, she didn’t give up me. No matter how bad I was. She gave me a lot of encouragement. She is a great instructor. She is friendly, talkative, highly responsible, easy-going.... Sometimes, she’s strict. Of course, driving is a really serious thing. So many words in my mind. But hard to express in my poor English. Anyway, I want to say, I love her. She helped me a lot. My life has been changed. ??????.”

Ling Shi, Bury St. Edmunds (10th December 2015)

“I don’t even know where to begin. Brenda is by far the best driving instructor a person could have. I passed my test almost a year ago after having lessons frequently for 3 months. Since then I have driven over 40,000 miles from Suffolk to Hampshire multiple times a week. Not very common for young drivers and I can honestly say without Brenda I wouldn’t have the confidence to do it. I’ve never had any problems and I truly believe this is down to Brenda’s teaching. She’s not only a clear, organised and talented teacher she is a wonderful woman. I often felt very stressed with the amount I was doing around the time I took my lessons and Brenda not only understood but she helped. She hasn’t sacrificed having a heart to run a business and I think that’s incredibly important when someone’s teaching you a skill you will take with you forever. I wouldn’t ever recommend a different instructor to anyone.”

Hannah Tyrrell, Bury St. Edmunds (27th October 2015)

“She’s a very patient lady, trust me. Got me through first time and easy to learn with!!”

Brad Jaggard, Bury St. Edmunds (25th October 2015)

“I thought I was a hopeless case, but Brenda helped me to overcome my fear of cars and driving! Brenda is very calm, patient and I always felt safe driving with her. I highly recommend Brenda for students of all ages and abilities: she will help you become a confident and safe driver. Thank you, Brenda! :).”

Mariya Kraft, Brandon (5th October 2015)

“Just like to say a massive thank you Brenda, for getting me through my test first time with amazingly only 4 minors. You really are a miracle worker! Thank you so much!”

Bradley Jaggard, Mildenhall (30th July 2015)

“I was terrified of driving and was incredibly nervous beforehand. Brenda made me feel comfortable and relaxed, building my confidence over time. She explains things very well, with the aid of resources such as simple diagrams, helping you to understand how things work and why. She teaches you all of the knowledge and skills you need to be a safe driver. I was grateful for her amazing patience. Whether you’re a complete novice or you’ve had previous experience, it’s certain that you’ll make mistakes; Brenda never gets annoyed or angry, but stays calm and makes light of the situation. When I made mistakes, she would explain where I went wrong and why, telling me how I could improve. She likes to chat and she’s funny, which helps reduce nerves, and makes you feel like there’s less pressure to get it right first time (nobody’s perfect!). It’s certainly reassuring to know that you have an experienced driver and instructor there beside you, and this certainly made me feel safer despite my initial inexperience. Her quick reactions also made me feel safe—should I mess up, she would be right there controlling the car to prevent an accident. I gradually became more confident and started to like driving more. Brenda’s standard and quality of tuition is second to none and I would strongly recommend her without a doubt. Her judgement is very good and you should trust her; she won’t suggest you take your test until she is sure you are ready. There is no rush, and you learn in your own time. I doubted myself a lot and didn’t think that I would pass first time, but I did on both my theory and practical, which is absolutely amazing to me! I never thought I’d be able to drive, or even have the confidence and skill to, but Brenda made it possible. I am immensely grateful and I appreciate all of her effort and kindness. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge, Brenda!”

Charlotte Hatto, Bury St. Edmunds (3rd February 2015)

“Brenda was a brilliant driving instructor. I was a nervous learner and Brenda was so patient. I started learning at the end of April. I passed my test at the beginning of October. Thanks Brenda for making learning to drive easier. Aimee.”

Aimee Nicklin, Bury St. Edmunds (21st October 2014)

“Brenda is the most patient, kind, caring and helpful instructor! She helped not only teach me, but showed me and explained to me all aspects of driving which helped make me feel so much more comfortable behind the wheel. Her patience is incredible even with someone as nervous as me. She explained the right way to do it without making you feel like you couldn’t drive. Before the test Brenda really helped to try and cure my nerves and calm me down. Thank you Brenda.”

Camilla Darnell, Bury St. Edmunds (29th September 2014)

“Brenda is very friendly, helpful and the best instructor. She has lots of patience and she is very kind. She built my confidence to pass my practical test. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning to drive. Thanks Brenda.”

Devinder Kaur, Bury St. Edmunds (29th September 2014)

“Brenda is the best teacher you could get! She’s best professionally, but also sympathetic and understanding. She can recognise when you’re ready to take the next step in learning and teaches you everything you need to know without cutting corners. You can trust that she can get your driving standards to pass first time like me :).”

Sherelle Singletary, Bury St. Edmunds (2nd September 2014)

“Excellent instructor, well worth the money, helped me pass first time, would highly recommend her.”

Janice Armitage, Bury St. Edmunds (22nd August 2014)

“Brenda is a really great driving instructor, she is exceptionally friendly and knows her students’ strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve the necessary aspects for the test… I passed first time thanks to Brenda and wouldn’t have been able to do it without her :).”

Lauren Mott, Beck Row (8th July 2014)

“Brenda was such a good teacher and made me feel confident enough to drive around by myself almost immediately after I passed. Everything I needed to learn to pass and to be safe, I felt I had before the test and so it made me feel more confident when going into my test.

I definitely felt like I could relax when learning to drive and Brenda’s chatty personality meant that learning to drive was enjoyable. I passed first time and definitely owe it all to Brenda! Thank you very much for all the support. X.”

Katie McClenaghan, Mildenhall (24th April 2014)

“Brenda is a brilliant instructor and always puts time and effort into getting you where you need to be. She makes you feel relaxed and if you’re not sure of anything she will make sure she goes over it until you understand. Thanks to Brenda and her patience with me ;) I managed to pass first time and I don’t think I would have been able to do that without her. Thank you!!”

Mya Fenton, Mildenhall (19th December 2013)

“Brenda has been brilliant teaching me to drive. I don’t think I could have learnt with another instructor looking back now! The lessons have been fun and have made driving a real positive, plus Brenda’s personality makes her so easy to get along with. She’s also definitely a calming influence which was brilliant just before my test as it meant I wasn’t too nervous!

I’d definitely recommend Brenda as without her there is no way I’d have passed first time, or feel as relaxed or safe when driving myself. So thanks Brenda!”

Hannah Abrey, Beck Row (12th December 2013)

“When I first started driving, my confidence was virtually non-existent. However, Brenda was able to build me up to the point where I was finally able to defeat my Achilles heel and pass my test :) She’s patient and good humoured, which naturally meant we had a lot of laughs while driving around Mildenhall and Bury. Now I’m driving my mum’s car for the time being while I search for a little run-around of my own, and I’ve never been happier. Thank you for all your help Brenda, and never making me feel like a failure (I did a lot of that myself). You’ve been brilliant.”

Charlotte Siddall (posted by Julie Siddall), Red Lodge (4th July 2013)

“Having started my driving lessons with a well-known national company, and with several failed practical tests for all my efforts, I was very pleased to eventually find an instructor who not only understood my nervousness, but had the patience to teach me to control my nerves and ultimately pass my practical driving test.

At times I would freeze and panic, but Mrs Carey taught me how to trust my judgement and make decisions that would be not only protect my safety whilst driving, but also the safety of other road users.

My driving confidence is now to the point, having passed my practical test, that I am now looking to achieve the ‘pass plus’ certificate, again being taught by Mrs Carey, to reinforce my ability and also to save money on my car insurance. I cannot thank Mrs Carey enough; she is the master of instructors as far as I am concerned.”

Malgorzata Nowakowska, Tuddenham (16th June 2013)

“I learnt to drive with Brenda; she is an awesome driving instructor. When I felt nervous she would calm me down. Brenda talked me through everything, stage by stage, so it was easy to understand. When I first went to Bury I was worried about the double roundabout, so every time we went to Bury we did the double roundabout from every single angle, until I became perfect at it. She was always making me laugh. I felt like I could talk to Brenda about anything. She is a lovely person, easy to talk to and definitely knows how to keep a secret (driving test date). I would highly recommend Brenda if anyone wants to drive with confidence. I wouldn’t have done it without you Brenda, thank you so much!”

Alexandra Jaggard, Mildenhall (15th June 2013)

“I had to take an extended re-test after a 12-month ban from driving. Brenda was fantastic. Initially I had felt quite worried about having lessons, but within minutes of meeting Brenda I was completly at ease. Brenda was amazing. She was incredibly patient and taught me so much in a short space of time. I passed first time in only 3 weeks of Brenda’s excellent tuition. I will be recommending Brenda to everyone who is thinking about learning to drive.”

Penny Overy, Barton Mills (21st March 2013)

“I took driving lessons with Brenda and I passed first time! She was very flexible with my driving lesson times and days which helped me a lot! She’s always smiling and laughing and making sure you’re calm about everything, especially just before your test! Thank you so much for helping me to pass my test! Couldn’t have done it without your time and patience! Highly recommend Brenda to anyone wanting to learn to drive!”

Lacey Sharpe, Red Lodge (11th March 2013)

“I took driving lessons from Brenda. She is the best instructor. She has lots of patience and she is very kind. She built my confidence to pass my practical test. I will recommend her to everybody who needs lessons. Thank you Brenda. I would not have passed my test without your help.”

Parminder Singh, Mildenhall (3rd February 2013)

“Brenda was an amazing driving instructor. She helped me pass my test first time. Brenda is very patient, calm and likes to have a laugh along the way. I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you Brenda!”

Lauren Hancock, Lakenheath (8th December 2012)

“A friend recommended Brenda Carey’s School of Motoring to me explaining that she was a very good instructor. In the previous five years I had been learning to drive with my parents. They taught me the basics, but I had developed lots of bad driving habits. I needed professional tuition. So after having a trial lesson I was happy to discover a very patient, talented, professional driving instructor with 27 years’ experience. So I took the semi-intensive lessons, which on average was about three two-hour lessons per week. After about two months of training, driving all over Bury St Edmunds, I took my practical test and passed first time with only one fault. Thanks Brenda. I will highly recommend you to anyone that needs driving lessons and will be booking my Pass Plus lesson soon!”

Matthew Furlow, Mildenhall (8th November 2012)

“I started lessons with Brenda after having failed a test five years ago. It was amazing how much of a novice I was again, but Brenda was brilliant! I did a semi-intensive course with her, having three two-hour lessons a week. It was tiring, but definitely paid off. I’m so glad I didn’t choose to do a one-week intensive course, because I would never have been ready for my test in time. It would have been such a waste of money. Brenda literally has the patience of a saint and makes you feel very at ease with her. Her standards are very high and I think this is why I managed to pass my practical first time with her, with just two minors! Thank you again Brenda. I had a brilliant experience and will definitely be recommending you to anyone needing lessons!”

Kimberley Deacon, Mildenhall (5th November 2012)

“Brenda taught me when I had breaks from university and I found that Brenda was very understanding about how daunting driving can be. Particularly when you feel like you have no idea what you are doing. I felt safe with her as my instructor. Brenda is hard to please. This meant that I really did have to do things correctly rather than ‘that will do’ type of attitude. This did mean that I passed first time!!!! As well as passing I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons. Thank you Brenda.”

Phillipa Dow, Bury St Edmunds (8th October 2012)

“My first driving lesson was on my 17th birthday in March and I had a lesson every week with Brenda. She made me feel relaxed in the car and she is very easy to talk to. She made me feel very confident doing my manoeuvres and had the best ways of making you remember them! I passed my test first time and was very confident about taking my test after just six months of learning. We always went through things thoroughly and I’d highly recommend her as she is a lovely lady and teaches well! Thanks for everything Brenda :D.”

Zoë Earle, Newmarket (7th October 2012)

“Brenda is a wonderful driving instructor. When I started learning with her, I was terrified and didn’t think I could ever get to the point where I could go faster than 30mph! Brenda is very patient and kind and helped me get over my fears, giving me a lot of confidence. Thanks to her encouragement, persistence and calm manner she guided me through all of my driving faults, explaining carefully where I had gone wrong and how to correct it. With her help and guidance I managed to pass my practical test first time with only a few minors! I highly recommend Brenda Carey's Driving School!”

Megan Bentley, Mildenhall (15th July 2012)

“A friend recommended me to contact Brenda regarding driving lessons as I needed to obtain a driving licence to further my career. I soon realised that fatigue due to heavy a work load was affecting my progress. Brenda soon found my key weaknesses and we focused on them, bringing me to pass my theory and practical test first time. I have since recommended another friend and will continue to do so. Genuinely good at her job!”

Neil Stafford, Mildenhall (27th June 2012)

“Brenda had to start teaching me how to drive again as I had lost confidence from failing my test before. She was so patient and calm. This is what I needed as I was such a worrier and had no faith at all. I soon started to gain much more confidence and we went through EVERYTHING thoroughly. It all started to fit into place and she was very encouraging, which eventually gave me the confidence to take my test again! And I passed with ONLY two minor faults! Excellent! I recommend her as she is a fantastic teacher! Thanks Brenda :-).”

Stef Taylor, Mildenhall (6th April 2012)

“Brenda has a lot of patience, especially when dealing with students like myself. I panicked with things that happened when driving. I wasn’t very confident at all and I asked too many questions. However, Brenda improved my confidence, stopped me panicking and stopped all of the questions I had to ask. She gave a positive approach to the way she taught me to drive and I am overall happy with the service given. From this I would recommend her to others that wish to begin driving.”

Jodie Charles, Mildenhall (3rd April 2012)

“Brenda has the patience of a saint. She put up with all of my stupid mistakes and never made me feel bad for making any of them. I doubt I would have passed my test without her. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Thanks Brenda.

Just finished Pass Plus with Brenda. I would definitely recommend Pass Plus for less confident drivers like myself, but anyone should take the Pass Plus because it provides great training in unfamiliar situations. Even if you haven’t learnt to drive with Brenda, I would advise choosing her for the Pass Plus. She’s amazing!”

Natalie Fuller, Mildenhall (30th November 2011)

“I can’t recommend Brenda enough! I started lessons with her last year as an incredibly nervous 32-year-old, and passed my test yesterday – first Time. Brenda has the patience of a saint, was incredibly supportive, and an excellent teacher. I think if I had chosen another instructor I would probably have given up. Thank you so much Brenda, and I’ll see you soon for the Pass Plus course!”

Helen Robson, Bury St Edmunds (24th August 2011)

“I am so pleased I went with Brenda for my driving. She knew when I was ready for my driving test and it paid off with the lessons because I passed first time. I loved my driving lessons and enjoyed are little chats, and that’s what you need when you are learning to drive – to be relaxed. So if you are looking for a brilliant driving instructor go with Brenda. :)”

Zoë Wilsher, Lakenheath (2nd August 2011)

“When I first started my driving lessons with Brenda I hadn’t sat behind a wheel before. She literally had to go through EVERYTHING with me, from the beginning. It took me four attempts to do my theory and if Brenda hadn’t helped me revise for the fourth attempt I don’t think I would have passed. We went through every page of the book. When I took my practical I was nervous or at least the morning of and like two weeks before, although when it got to getting to the test centre I was more excited than anything. I think that if I had another instructor I wouldn’t have passed first time. I really would recommend her because not only was she my driving instructor, we became really good friends as well. So thank you Brenda :) I really couldn’t have done it without you. xx”

Taryn Brown, Mildenhall (1st August 2011)

“I was following two driving instructors before I reached to Brenda, but I am so regret not to follow her in my first step. She is brilliant, just like other people said, she is patient and detail-attentioned. The little red notebook, her drawings and explanations do really help you better understanding driving. We had quite a lot of chatting while I was learning driving with her, we are more like friend now. She encourages me when I am fade up with driving as well points out my faults when I am over-confident. Like she said, she never ever put students into a not ready situation for a test. She has really rich experience, I thought she might taught over 1000 students:-), she is good at adjusting her teaching methods to every different pupils. Follow with Brenda, you definitely will be a confident and safe driving driver!!”

Stephenie Huang, Uxbridge (29th July 2011)

“I don’t think I could have asked for a better instructor than Brenda. She put so much hard work into my lessons, and had so much patience with me (she needed it, because I’m a panicker). I passed my test first time with her. She helped me so much, and I couldn’t say a bad word about her teaching. I would recommend any person looking for a new instructor to look no further. Brenda Carey’s School of Motoring is the way forward!! :)”

Danielle Overy, Red Lodge (21st June 2011)

“Brenda is an excellent instructor. After failing my test twice at my previous place, I had no confidence in my driving. Brenda helped me regain the confidence. She is a thorough instructor who would point out all mistakes, help me correct them and made me a confident driver. I passed my test first time with her. I am over the moon. Her method, interaction, instructions, small book of notes were great. I cannot praise enough the efforts and hard work she put in with me. Cherry on the top was my partner saying I am now a more confident and safe driver. Thanks Brenda. Highly recommended.”

Dr Rohini Thapliyal, Bury St Edmunds (5th May 2011)

“Brenda is very friendly , helpful and patient. She is very professional and gave me lots of encouragement and support. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning to drive.”

Francineide Hubbard, Bury St Edmunds (26th April 2011)

“Brenda was very good at breaking things down and explaining things. She was flexible and fit the lessons around my schedule. She was friendly and very patient with me and made sure I was ready before I took my test. I recommended her to a friend and would highly recommend her again.”

Fiona Holloway-Parks, Lakenheath (24th April 2011)

“Brenda was a very good instructor who was patient and understanding. I passed first time with only three minor faults and Brenda should have 95% credit for this pass (my 5% comes from me being behind the wheel). She prepared me for the day and made me feel confident with my driving. I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn how to drive.”

Samuel Armstrong, Bury St Edmunds (16th April 2011)

“Brenda was very good to learn with. She made it very comfortable for me when I was learning and helped me when I got stuck. I have recommended Brenda to other friends.”

Katy Bea, Bury St Edmunds (4th April 2011)

“Brenda was a very good instructor and I found it easy to learn with her. I passed first time and have already recommended her to two of my friends.”

Lindsay Eaglen, Bury St Edmunds (9th February 2011)

“I just passed my driving test today first time. I was a little worried as the test had changed. Neither me or Brenda knew what to expect, as we heard many ways of which they were going to do the test, however Brenda went out of her way to go through all of them with me, so I had an idea, which paid off as I passed. Brenda is an extremely patient and friendly person and I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you very much Brenda. I shall miss our lessons.”

Jenna Purt, Bury St Edmunds (26th October 2010)

“Brenda went ‘above and beyond’ to fit in my lessons around my college and work times whilst giving me the variety of driving conditions I needed to pass my test. She was always honest and straightforward with her comments, which meant I knew exactly what I needed to do, and her driving pack was great!”

Philip Cowlan, Sedge Fen (5th October 2010)

“I have just passed my test today on my first attempt and would recommend Brenda to anyone who was starting to learn to drive. Brenda is exceptionally patient and explained things to me I did not understand very clearly. Thank you so much for helping me obtain my license first time. Hopefully see you soon.”

Daniel Sauer, Bury St Edmunds (1st September 2010)

“Brenda is an excellent instructor. I had no problems whatsoever. She was patient and helpful and the fact she has made me pass my test with ease including most of my family around five who have all passed as well, I would recommend her to anyone and you wouldn’t be disappointed!! I always looked forward to my lessons :)”

Joseph Murphy, Hertford (20th August 2010)

“Thanks to Brenda I have just passed my driving test with only one minor and couldn’t be more pleased! Brenda was recommended to me by my boyfriend’s family as she also taught both my boyfriend and his sister, who were equally as happy with her friendly, professional and most importantly fun and relaxing approach to teaching someone to drive. Whatever level of experience you have (I had none), male or female, Brenda is an excellent, patient teacher and I’m glad I was put in touch with her. Thanks again Brenda. All the best.”

Ashley Simmons, Hertford (22 July 2010)

“Brenda helped me to pass my driving test and my theory test as well. Brenda always managed to fit in a driving lesson around my school working hours. On my first lesson Brenda provided an information pack which included tasks to help understand different things such as manoeuvres easier. In addition she also had a notebook which she would draw diagrams to explain things such as certain roundabouts and manoeuvres so you could understand it better. Brenda also wrote what was needed to be improved on so you could look over it before your driving lessons to help improve it. Brenda is patient, very friendly and I felt that I could ask her any questions. When it came to booking my test she knew when it was the right time which made me confident in my test as she would not put in anybody who is not ready. Overall I feel that Brenda was a brilliant driving instructor and I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much Brenda.”

Amy Lynch, Beck Row (24th April 2010)

“I am so glad that I used these reviews to help me find Brenda. She is a fantastic instructor who is very friendly and calming. I was a nervous student after failing my test a few years ago and did not have much confidence. Brenda helped me become confident and pass my test. Brenda would make notes in my book so that if I went out in my own car I could see what I needed to work on. I would highly recommend Brenda. Thank you so much Brenda.”

Emily Jones, Mildenhall (1st April 2010)

“Brenda helped me to pass my test first time and always managed to fit in a driving lesson around school and working, which also meant that I would have to start and end a lesson in several different places. She always managed to make it work. On my first lesson Brenda provided an information pack which included tasks to help understand different things such as manoeuvres easier. In addition she also had a notebook which she would draw diagrams to explain things such as certain roundabouts and manoeuvres so you could understand it better. Here she also wrote what was needed to be improved on so you could look over it before your driving lessons to help improve it. Brenda is patient, very friendly and I felt that I could ask her any questions. When it came to booking my test she knew when it was the right time, which made me confident in my test as she would not put in anybody who is not ready. Overall I feel that Brenda was a brilliant driving instructor and I would highly recommend her.”

Nicola Louise Kent, Ware (23rd February 2010)

“Brenda was a brilliant driving instructor and had many different methods of teaching to get across what was required. She was always flexible with lesson times and very patient. I would say if I had not have had her as my driving instructor there would have been no way that I would have passed my test before university. She would always come up with new ways of teaching and provided a great information pack which i still have to this day. I have recommended her to friends and family and they have nothing but positive feedback.”

Lita Davis, Ware (26th October 2009)

“I started learning to drive after returning from university, but I’d known of Brenda Carey’s brilliant reputation since secondary school as she taught a lot of my school friends and their family members. Things that I would say about Brenda are that she’s very patient, has many tips up her sleeves to help nail those manoeuvres, is very easy to talk to and has fast reactions (useful for those nervous/detour moments). When Brenda taught me she provided a useful information pack and set questions/reading homework after each lesson. Even though I was a nervous wreck, I passed my driving test first time and went on to do Pass Plus with Brenda which I thought was particularly useful for driving on motorways. I would highly recommend Brenda as a driving instructor and I’m glad she’s still around to teach my little sister. Thanks very much!”

Fiona Man, Hertford (25th October 2009)

“Only after the humiliation of failing my test did I find Brenda Carey, and chose her because I felt her ad implied that she would be kind, patient, and address my lack of confidence for my second try. She is all that and much more. I have an American drivers licence, which was about to expire, and was having trouble making my way through the British system. I had to pass, and I had to pass SOON. She gave me soft spoken help, never made me feel foolish. Most importantly, her guidance was very astute and perceptive. I felt she tailored her teaching to my particular needs. Her many years of experience were evident in her expertise, and her people skills were terrific. She even accommodated my crazy schedule, and I passed!”

Kathleen Beller, Woodbridge (7th September 2009)

“I would like to thank Brenda, and recommend her to others. Her patience and professionalism in teaching me and training me through my driving lessons and on to pass my driving test were exceptional. Brenda helped me as a ‘mature’ learner and then my daughter as a 17-year-old through the whole process perfectly.”

Lynne and Sophie Moore, Lakenheath (5th September 2009)

“I just passed my test first time today. Brenda was an excellent instructor who was very patient, calm and always explained things clearly to me. She was also very understanding and flexible and would happily pick me up from different places. I would sincerely recommend Brenda to other students – Thank you Brenda!”

Sarah Godfrey, Ware (19th August 2009)

“Following recommendations from friends and a driving test examiner I was recommended Brenda Carey due to her high level of teaching and equally high pass rate. I found her to be very accommodating to my needs, picking me up from various different places. Her patient attitude put me at ease and I felt confident and comfortable to take my test when advised and due to this passed first time.

In the car Brenda was very easy to talk to making lessons enjoyable and resulting in a less nervous driver. I found her so good that my sister is now learning to drive with her too.”

Hannah Spector, Hertford (19th August 2009)

“A family member recommended Brenda to me and I passed my test around eighteen months ago first time!! Brenda is calm and relaxed and made learning to drive a nice experience never felt pressured or uncomfortable. It took me a year to learn before I took my test. I went into my test feeling confident thanks to Brenda. I know that she will not put you forward for your test until you are completely ready.”

Gemma Weir, Ware (10th August 2009)

“A friend recommended Brenda to me. Brenda was my third driving instructor, and the one that I finally passed my test with. I felt less nervous having a female instructor and being an anxious driver, I felt her patient and calm nature gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test! :-) I would recommend her to anyone.”

Amy Baines, Hertford (9th August 2009)

“Being far from a natural driver I had almost given up altogether after several bad experiences from past instructors. Then a friend gave me Brenda’s details, Brenda was patient and never got upset no matter how many times I nearly killed us both she would simply laugh and say ‘we will get there!!’ I am pleased to say that thanks to Brenda I passed my test 18 months ago on my first attempt. Since passing I have a great new job that without Brenda’s help I would not have even been able to apply for as driving is essential. I will never be able to thank Brenda enough. Without her I would still be on the buses and trains. I would recommend Brenda to everyone and hope she is still working when my children need lessons!!”

Donna Marsden, Ware (7th August 2009)

“I am currently learning to drive with Brenda. I’m 42 so it was important for me to find a teacher who would let me find my own pace of learning, who would be very patient and encouraging, be calm and unflappable, with a good sprinkle of humour to ease the nerves, and whom I could trust completely. Sounds like a tall order, but Brenda ticks all the boxes! I would have no hesitation in recommending her to future learners.

Update 6/11/09: I passed my driving test yesterday and couldn’t have done it without the guidance of such a good driving instructor. I would highly recommend Brenda Carey to anyone who was thinking of taking driving lessons. Needless to say, I’m planning to do the Pass Plus course with her.”

Finn Mercouris, Broxbourne (6th August 2009)

“Brenda Carey taught me to drive two years ago now and I found her tips and experience exceptionally helpful. She was always patient and her humour made me feel very comfortable. I found her method of teaching worked perfectly for me as the ‘folder of facts’ was always there as a bible to refer back to whenever I needed to and the homework questions again made everything stick in my head. I’d be happy referring her to everybody I know. Thank you Brenda!”

Sian Chisholm, Ware (5th August 2009)

“Being both a mature and nervous driver who had variable experience of three previous instructors, I found Brenda via an online recommendation prior to her move to Mildenhall. I cannot praise her skills, patience and quiet encouragement highly enough. She provides a well structured driving experience and being an intuitive instructor she ensures that your development is at the correct pace for your ability.”

Andrew Smith, Ware (2nd August 2009)